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Local NBC News Features “Down Goes Iguana” On A News Article.

It seems that my social media posts are being monitored by the press.  Or at least by our intrepid local NBC reporter, Ryan Clarke Arbogast and his excellent video cameraman/drone pilot, Kurt Erwin.

Iguana Florida

Professional FWC State Authorized  Iguana Removal Service

Iguana Florida
Iguana Florida

The Iguana is NOT a native species to Florida, introduced in the late 60’s by accidental transport and as abandoned pets, the current Iguana population has grown to over 100,000 reptiles today. The State of Florida has declared them a prohibited species for ownership or transport and is actively seeking help to humanely euthanize them upon sight.

Down Goes Iguana is officially recognized by FWC to remove Iguanas statewide but concentrates their efforts to the greater Marco Island area.


This invasive species can cause tremendous damage to your private property. We use a PCP pneumatic air rifle to humanely and permanently remove your iguana problems.

Local Response

It is important to be local and close. We try to limit our range to no more than 35 miles to ensure we can respond as soon as possible. Iguana sightings are never guaranteed – close helps.

Commercial Contracts

Commercial locations such as Cities, Golf Courses, Home Owner Associations and Private Companies can contract us for regular site visits to maximize removal opportunities.

Residential  & Commercial Iguana Removal Services

Down Goes Iguana

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Iguana Removal Services

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Professional Silent and Deadly.

Our Approach

We only remove Iguanas with accurate and humane deadly force as per the FWC guidelines. We use a PCP pneumatic air rifle. Powerful enough to instantly kill an Iguana, but with strict safety protocols, safe in urban areas.

Target shown is 10 shots at 35 yards all inside a nickel. We take only headshots, typically at 15 to 30 yards maximum.  


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Down Goes Iguana

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