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FAQ’S – You Have Questions

What Does It Cost to Remove Iguanas From a Private Residence?

We have two costs . . . Off Island, we have a R/T travel expense fee to your location set by distance and time. No travel fee for Marco Island. There is a per Iguana fee for each Iguana that is removed from your property. See Permission Waiver Below. If we do NOT remove an Iguana during a visit – There is no Iguana fee. 

During the visit, we will inspect your property and give you some suggestions to make your location less attractive for future Iguanas. Call me personally to discuss or for a commerical quote.

What Do You Do With The Dead Iguanas?

Four things are possible . . .

  1. You may keep the Iguana to eat – Google “Iguana Recipes” for a plethora of  tasty preparations. Their nickname is “Chicken of the Tree.”  They are a staple food in some cultures.
  2. We put the Iguanas on ice and donate them to groups for scientific research or who have asked us to provide them with food for those who  are food insecure. Exotic Meats sells boneless Iguana for $59.99 per pound.
  3. We provide them to Crab Fishermen as bait for their crab traps.
  4. As per FWC guidelines we dispose of the Iguanas by following State regulations.

Why Not Live Trap Them to Relocate vs. Killing Them?

The State of Florida does NOT allow for the relocation of this evasive species. They are causing millions of dollars in damage and are dangerous to both your pets and protected wildlife such as Burrowing Owls and Sea Turtle eggs and burrows. The Iguana population has exploded to over 20,000 in Florida.

What if You Cause Damage By A Stray Bullet?

We do not shoot bullets . . . It is an Air-Rifle and it shoots soft lead pellets with limited range. Next, we simply do not take a shot unless it has a clear backdrop. Safety comes first. We are also a very good shot. 10 consecutive shots all within a dime from 35 yards with a very powerful scope. We don’t miss or we don’t shoot.

Last, like any business, we are insured for damages. 

Can I Hire You To Take Me Iguana Hunting?

No. We are a professional Iguana Removal Service, not a charter service. Regardless of how experienced of a shooter you are, you cannot represent my company.

I quietly and professionally remove Iguanas, the less impact and presence I make, the better it is for everyone.

If have Iguanas, how do I hire you? Do you just stay at my house until you get them?

I do not camp out at your home in hopes of seeing an Iguana. I live on Marco Island, when you see them on your property, call me. I am usually 5 to 15 minutes away. This is the most efficient method for removal.

Permission & Liability Release Form

As per State and Marco Island laws, property owners must give permission to remove Iguanas from their propery to a third party. Download this form, fill-out and send to to authorize Iguana removal.

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