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It’s Time for Another Episode of Weird Iguana Tails . . .

No dead or bleeding Iguanas will be featured in this issue – Just creepy stuff that Iguanas can do. Remember, if Iguanas are a problem for you – Say something and I can be there in 5-15 minutes. Call 239-344-7706.

Marco Island Iguana Tales

It’s time for another episode of Weird Iguana Tales . . . A few tall tales for you this issue. Technology – Lanai Screens – Seawall Burrows!

Trapping Tips For Invasive Iguanas

I am often asked about trapping iguanas as a means of removal. I have found that while this is an excellent “thought” it rarely provides consistent results. The critters just don’t want to willingly enter most traps and in many cases, they are poorly set up, camouflaged and baited. I will give you some of my thoughts here but please beware . . . 

New Iguana Hatchling Time – It’s Called A Mess

Tiny green iguanas everywhere. My guess would be around 50+, but it is impossible to count the hoards of these fast moving critters.  They were climbing trees, chasing each other and racing up the sides of the pool screen. Oh, boy!

Marco Island Menacing Monsters . . .

Was “Jabba The Hutt” created from imagery based as a really over-weight fat Iguana?  Hmmm, there does seem to be a striking resemblance. 

Marco Island’s “Wild Kingdom” Episode . . .

It felt like I was in a Marlin Perkins, Mutual of Omaha episode and I only needed his sidekick Jim to make me a martini. All this was happening on one small lot in the middle of our Marco Island paradise.

Our Marco Island Iguanas To Be Studied As An Invasive Species

Interesting call today . . . Not your normal “Please Help Me” to get rid of my Iguana call. Although I was able to remove five Iguanas today, bringing my year to date total to 53.  Instead, it was the Tampa Bay Watch Discovery Center who want to do a scientific study of our Iguana’s as an invasive species of Florida.

Marco Island Iguana Tales – High Climbers Are NOT Good – Toilets Are NOT Good !

It seems that our Lanai screens are just too good for the Iguanas to access not only the roof of your screened pool area, but also the roof of your home as well.  Of all the places you do NOT want iguanas, your roof is very near the top of the list!

Marco Island Iguana Tales – Owl vs. Iguana

I recently received two urgent MI resident calls to intercede in a running fight between a Burrowing Owl trying to protect its nest and eggs from a determined Iguana, who can physically over-power one of our favorite Owls friends. They simply barge in to eat their eggs and defile their home burrow

Weird Marco Island Iguana Tales – Eating Your Iguana.

l heard that Iguanas are edible, in fact, they have the nickname of “Chicken of the Tree”.  While that may be a fact, who among us has truthfully eaten an actual Iguana? 

Y’all meet Dr. T . . . A highly educated Anesthesiologist from Louisiana, and an Iguana Chef, who knew.




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