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Our Story

Living on Marco Island, I have watched the Iguana population grow with no natural predators. One day I saw an Iguana coming out of one of my favorite neighborhood Burrowing Owls nests, destroying its nest, burrow and newly laid eggs . . . Iguanas now DO have a predator – Me.

Growing up on the coast of the the Pacific Northwest gave me an opportunity to hunt, fish, sail and revel in the wonders of the great outdoors. I was not a hunter or fisherman for big game, but instead, it was as part of my family’s daily food sources. I love the balance of nature that led me to a career in professional outdoor photography. Moving to Florida was a real treat in all aspects, photographically and awash with the rich and diverse wildlife.

However, nature can have its imbalances – The proliferation of the Green Iguana is absolutely catastrophic. A group of Iguanas is called a Mess . . . and that they are. Male Iguanas can grow to six feet and weight 15 to 18 pounds. They mate with a harem of 8 to 12 females, each capable of laying 20 to 70 eggs annually. Do the math – It’s how they grew to over 4 million individuals all located here in South Florida.

They are creating millions of dollars of physical damage – PLUS – They endanger several of our valued and protected species here in Florida. In addition, they carry Salmonella, which is very dangerous to your pets as they pretty much defecate everywhere on seawalls, lanais, docks and pools. 

Because of my skill set and personal desire, I have chosen to help eliminate this threat, humanely as possible because it is the right thing to do. Join me, or hire me but above all else, help eradicate this unwanted visitor.

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Florida Iguana


When I saw this big nasty looking Iguana beast on my dock I knew who to call immediately. John was amazing. Within 15 minutes he took the Iguana out with no fuss.  He knew exactly how to nullify the threat. 

John advised it was a female carrying several eggs so we absolutely lucked out . I definitely recommend John if you need his services. He was very conscious of ensuring the iguana didn’t suffer and kept my family calm and informed.

Roo - Marco Island

We call him the Iguana Hit Man . . . He is local, so when we see iguanas on our property, we call him and within :15 minutes, another one bites the dust. Very professional and we are so glad to get rid of these nasty critters. Three down so far! 

Mimi - Marco Island

I heard about John from a friend. I have at least 10 iguanas living around my property, pooping on everything and digging holes at my seawall. He simply sneaks up and quietly takes them out with his air rifle – never more than one shot. Down Goes Iguana is a great find.

Paul - Marco Island

Our Approach

Down Goes Iguana is officially recognized by FWC to help permanently remove Iguanas statewide.

Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator Registration: # 52186  Live Trap Removal Transportation Permit: – YES – #EXOT-22-95

The Iguana is NOT a native species to Florida, introduced in the late 60’s by accidental agriculture transport and as abandoned pets, the current Iguana population has grown to over 4 million reptiles today. The State of Florida has declared them a prohibited species for ownership or transport and is actively seeking help to humanely euthanize them upon sight.

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