Iguana Prevention

Understanding why Iguanas may be attracted to an area is the first step to prevention. Let’s review some basics to keep Iguanas away from your valuable property, family and pets .

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Top Iguana Needs

Iguana populations are exploding because of favorable conditions for them to thrive, breed and hatch massive amounts of eggs. So what are Iguanas looking for in the perfect location and is YOUR home and habitat perfect for them?

Food – Are you intentionally or unintentionally providing it?

Cover – Does your property provide safe hiding places?

Nesting – Night habitats, burrows and egg laying locations?

The BIG THREE – Remove These and Become Iguana Free!


Please Never Feed Iguanas!

Florida Iguana

Detailed Instructions For Prevention

The Florida State Wildlife Commission (FWC) – Has created an excellent 10 page document that details methods to help remove Iguanas from your property using these four principals:

  • Prevention
  • Exclusion
  • Deterrents
  • Habitat Modification  

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Iguana Prevention.

“If you remove the food source, ground cover, prime nesting and burrowing opportunities, then Iguanas will simply be less likely to inhabit an area and migrate away from your property to more favorable conditions.”

Remember, they are not GONE – They have just RELOCATED.




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