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The State of Florida is deadly serious about Iguana eradication . . . The annual damage from this invasive species is in the millions of dollars, yet the problem is growing exponentially. Find FWC links to some of the best research and information about Iguanas in the world below.

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State Iguana Links

Please use the Florida Wildlife Commission and University of Florida links below to find comprehensive information, reports, PowerPoints and articles on the growth, damage and habits of this non-native and highly damaging species.

Brought to you by and with thanks to the staff members of the University of Florida and the Fish and Wildlife Commission. 

Iguana Profile & Link Bank:

University of Florida Article One:

Univeristy of Florida Article Two:

Florida Iguana
Florida Iguana
Florida Iguana

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Down Goes Iguana is a permit holder as issued by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for the eradication and control of non-native species. They are authorized for the transport and euthanasia of the following prohibited non-native species – The Green Iguana and Tegus-Teildae family of reptiles. 




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