Marco Island Iguana Tales – Burrowing Owl vs. Iguana Battle

I recently received two urgent MI resident calls to intercede in a running fight between a Burrowing Owl trying to protect its nest and eggs from a determined Iguana, who can physically over-power one of our favorite Owls friends. They simply barge in to eat their eggs and defile their home burrow.

Owl On Marco

As much as I wanted to take out this reptilian bully, the problem was that this was all happening on one of our empty lots with an absent owner. As our Police Chief, Tracy Frazzano explained, Iguanas can ONLY be removed with the permission of the land owner. Without tracking down the owner to gain permission, I am unable to stop the inevitable. 

This is true even though the Owl is a protected species and the Iguana is an invasive species on the State of Florida’s mandate – to remove on sight.  Permission is the key.

In one neighborhood, where an absent home owner is my client, virtually every home on both sides of the canal had my number to call when they spotted an Iguana. In three weeks, eight Iguanas were removed from a very large Iguana burrow right on the on the Seawall. I have not received a call from them in month. 

Last week, I removed NINE Iguanas in :30 minutes from one single empty lot with one of our Marco Island Police officers and the owner standing right next to me helping spot them. This was being pro-active at its finest. Iguanas cause damage to our property and our local wildlife. 

I am on the Island, If you see something, say something and I will be there – 239-344-7706.  Thank you clients and NEXTDOOR for your help and support.