Marco Island’s “Wild Kingdom” Episode . . . 

As I pulled up to an empty lot only a couple blocks away from our famous Resident’s Beach, there before me was a virtual smorgasbord of wild critters. It was almost sunset and the golden light was awesome. Here, in this single lot were three separate tunnels of burrowing owl nests, a sprinkling of rabbits, including several young kits and two ominous and very large orange and black male Iguanas “inside” the Owl ropes. It was a stand-off with the Iguanas hissing, owls flapping their wings and screeching, all flanked by a warren of rabbits watching.

Protected Burrowing Owl
Four Foot, Six Inch Iguana

(Note to Mama Rabbits . . . Don’t let your little Kits play on the same lot as a bunch of carnivorous owls with families to feed.)

It felt like I was in a Marlin Perkins, Mutual of Omaha episode and I only needed his sidekick Jim to make me a martini. All this was happening on one small lot in the middle of our Marco Island paradise.

I am here for the Iguanas. The biggest one has been known in this neighborhood for his disruptive status for some time.  He seems to be living up to his bully standing with these owls. However, this stops today.  By agreement with our police Chief Tracy Frazzano, I call the police to announce my location and intentions. A few moments later, two more Iguanas are bulling no more.

Mister big shot was 4 feet 6 inches long and weighed nearly 10 pounds. This is a serious Iguana.  His friend was a bit smaller but still large, approaching  four feet.  In this single neighborhood, this is the 4th and 5th Iguanas I have removed in the past few months. Making the total to date at 56 from all of Marco Island. 

Remember, these are an invasive species, they are highly disruptive to our ecosystem. Other than me, they have very few natural enemies in Florida. If you have an Iguana problem, when you see it, call me on my Iguana line at 239-344-7706.  My thanks go out to NextDoor for sharing my stories.